Why AIT?

We are experts in all aspects of IT and with 15 years of experience working with schools. We have tailored our services to satisfy the ever-changing needs of educational establishments. By combining our on-site support with our broadband services allows schools to move toward next generation IT.

We are the complete alternative to having your own IT team and our IT Support packages provide a multitude of services including 24/7 monitoring and consultancy. By using a centralised IT infrastructure, we deliver a unified service to schools which leads to a dramatic decrease in costs. With our centralised approach, AIT minimise the involvement of third parties to ensure our services and resources operate more efficiently and reliably.

What Sets Us Apart From Our Competitors?

Empowering Users

Education is not limited to the classroom and from that, AIT now enables parents to have completely safe and filtered, as well as unfiltered, internet access at home since AIT envision complete connectivity. Currently several of our schools offer this service along with providing free broadband in severely disadvantaged areas. The results from this have been outstanding as it has not only proven to be a fantastic community builder but helped empower users that would not have otherwise had access to the internet.

This also facilitates the use of a true system that encourages both access to school resources from home and a more integrated view of what schools are doing for the residents.

Always Prepared

Along with this, unfortunate events do happen which is why our services include a disaster recovery plan since we hold live backups of the school infrastructure within our Data Centre. We provide Active Directory integration but also provide integration into our own Active Directory thereby offering more server space and competent management.

If you are operating within a trust, the benefits are doubled since physical resources can be spread across all academies to maximise investment. Using this advantage, you can aim for 100% service level availability with a significant reduction in investment required by each individual school.


Primary Schools

*All quotes subject to survey

£From 1660

Secondary Schools

3rd Line IT Support
*All quotes subject to survey

£From 3000

We always recommend giving us a call on 0845 094 9170 for the best quotes and offers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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