Enhanced Efficiency

AIT understand that becoming a Trust is a significant commitment and leveraging the collaboration to support all schools is a key factor. Implementing a coordinated approach to IT is a key method to enhance the efficiency and workflow between all the trust schools.

Central Infrastructure

AIT have a vision of providing a central IT infrastructure that can be used to deliver a unified service to schools. Centralising staffing, procurement, budget planning and IT direction results in a more coherent flow and dramatically reduces costs.

Reduced Overall Costs

AIT are experts in working with Trusts to implement a trust wide IT service that not only reduces overall costs but delivers the absolute best IT to all schools within the group.

No Need for Third Parties

We aim to minimize the involvement of third parties to ensure services and resources are managed by the in-house team, thus enabling a more efficient and reliable overall service.

No Need for On-Site Servers

AIT propose a complete cloud solution, meaning every Primary/Secondary would be consolidated into one Active Directory and have no physical servers on site. Utilising AIT’s infrastructure and secure Data Centre in Nottingham there would no longer be the need for individual schools to maintain separate equipment. All this reduces the possibility of downtime whilst enhancing the availability of resources and future proofing the schools investment. Reducing the IT spend and focusing it on the end devices encourages the reediness of IT equipment as less investment is required for behind the scenes resources.

AIT Solutions

How Can We Benefit You?

Take a look at our video where we answer some of the most common questions we get from the schools we work with. This will give you a better idea of how AIT can enhance your infrastructure.


AIT Offer Key Facilities That Sets Us Apart From Everyone Else

Home Access

Full Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for both staff and students, (enabling the user to appear to log in to a school workstation from home)

Web based file browser, providing quick and efficient access to any network drive.

Home Broadband Solution, a full broadband supplied by ourselves enabling staff to connect their laptop to the schools Wi-Fi at home and have full access to any resource as if they were located within the school itself.

Connected From The Home To The School

On the back of this, AIT wish to see a future that’s all connected, from the home to the school. AIT currently offer both broadband and Wi-Fi solutions to end users. This enables parents to offer completely safe and filtered (as well as unfiltered) internet access to homes. This also facilitates the user of a true (BYOD) system that encourages both access to school resources from home and a more integrated view of what Academies are doing for the residents.

Additional Resources

Further resources that should be considered to facilitate a complete unified solution across all schools, centralised; telephony (VOIP), CCTV, door access control, Wi-Fi, file systems and IM.