Managed Cloud Infrastructure Services (From £1660)

What's Included

•  Remote Hosting
Remote Access Solution
Network-Attached Storage
•  Dedicated Server Hosting

With this package, we provide a cloud-based hosting provision where by all of your physical servers will be migrated into our cutting-edge Data Centre. Doing this, AIT can easily manage all of your files and data in a more consolidated and secure manor. The main benefit is to increase security, increase availability and save your school money.  

There is no longer any need to replace costly on-site servers, potentially saving £8000 over four years per server. No longer having servers onsite means no longer needing to buy licensing for server software, backup licenses and antivirus licensingAgain, saving over £500 per annum. Another huge benefit is the physical electricity saving. A single standard small server can use upwards of £788 per year in electric. 

Accessing Files is the Same at Home and in School

Our remote access solution allows you to access your files, anywhere, anytime and is centred around having a device such as a laptop that can be used absolutely anywhere as if you were at school. With this, accessing your files from home will be the same as if you were in school allowing you to carry out lesson planning at any time of the day.  

Our primary mechanism of contact is through our helpdesk. Accessing and creating tickets is an easy process which can either be done by going through our web portal or by simply sending an email to our helpdesk. After creating a ticket, one of our technicians will reply with either guidance on the issue or a solution in a quick and timely fashion to ensure our goal, to maximise customer satisfaction by minimising response times, is achieved. 

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