Ticket Priorities 

AIT review all internal policies regularly to ensure that quality of service is embedded throughout the whole company. AIT encourage all customers to inform us immediately of IT incidents, service requests and events as soon as they occur. Only then can they be resolved by being triages and allocated to the correct support technician. Our Helpdesk Manager oversees the day-to-day operation and incident resolution of all tickets across out helpdesk ticketing system. 


AIT is committed to providing a continuous high standard of service, communication and quick resolution to any IT support incidents. These SLA Response Times are our standard response times, however depending on your contract specifications you may have more tailored response times depending on your contract with AIT. For further clarification, please contact your AIT Account Manager. 

1. Ticket Priorities 

An incident, support request or event becomes a ‘ticket’ when it is logged on our helpdesk. You can log a ticket via telephone, helpdesk portal and by email. 

Once a ticket is logged, AIT will endeavour to resolve the incident as quickly as possible and communicate the situation regarding the incident. 

AIT operate a ticket priority system which is inline with ITIL and industry best practice. AIT classify tickets into the following priority groups, with response times clarified in the below table. 

2. SLA Examples

Whilst support requests can greatly vary, AIT have provided a table which demonstrates scenarios which demonstrate Service Level Priorities. 

3. Monitoring 

For the avoidance of doubt, AIT operate 24/7/365 proactive monitoring of all systems. Therefore tickets may and can be automatically logged by the system on issues that arise. Key stakeholders will updated on any monitoring alerts when required, and notified once the ticket has been closed. 

4. Reporting 

Automatic ticket reports will be sent monthly to client stakeholders detailing ticket response times and resolution. These can be tailored as required by the client.