IT Vision and Digital Strategy 

Let’s talk strategy! A robust digital strategy for MATs and Schools is crucial for creating an effective learning environment and to give students the right digital tools which can help them thrive in an ever digitally evolving world. 


A strategy drive by shared core principles

At AIT we believe in empowering schools and educators to leverage the power of digital technology to enhance the way in which the curriculum is delivered and improve learning outcomes. With our support, our specialist team will help your School or MAT develop an IT Vision that meets your values to build a clear directional IT Strategy which optimises current technology onsite combined with a long-term roadmap. We understand the core challenges the education faces, and planning is crucial to ensure that technology can be enhanced and true value achieved. Our team prides itself on taking a personal approach, getting to understand the DNA that flows through your school or wider Trust. It’s our understanding of people, places and technology combined that makes AIT the right partner to help you achieve your goals. 

People First

Results Orientated

Innovation & EdTech

Holistic Approach

AIT offer expert consultancy services to schools and MATs, assisting them in developing a clear vision and roadmap for their digital strategy. We work closely with school leaders to understand unique needs and challenges, providing tailored guidance and advice. We take a holistic approach to IT Strategy looking at all aspects from the current approach to IT, Culture and how technology is viewed within the school. 

People and Places

When creating an effective digital strategy it’s all about the right people in the right places to achieve the best end goal for your school or trust. Our team will help you identify the best tools and resources tailored to your specific needs to implement those most appropriate. We’ll work with you to create your IT Vision, Strategic Plan, Polices and Compliance, Digital Replacement Strategies and cement new processes via engaging and interactive staff training and coaching. 

Technology Driven by Principles

Simply getting devices in users hands is not enough to create an effective use of technology in your schools or MAT. When used right, technology can have the power to completely transform school operations, reduce workload and create engaging learning experiences for students. Once we establish the core vision principles, our team will create the major workstreams to help transform the way in which you use IT. 


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We understand the unique needs and challenges that are faced by schools, and we are all about finding a solution that works for you. Get in touch with our friendly team to have a chat about how we can support you on your digital journey.

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