Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery 

Should the worst happen, it’s vital to know that not only is your infrastructure compliant, but that the right planning is in place to ensure everything is backed up as it should be. A reliable solution is vital to make sure your school or MAT continues to run smoothly. 


Keeping your data protected

Secure Cloud remote backup is the best offsite backup solution for keeping your school or MATs critical data safe and secure. Our managed backup service stands out from other providers thanks to data being held across two UK data centres and is replicated from one remote site to another elsewhere in the UK. Our solutions mean you only page for the GB of storage you need, and with our free monitoring solution, we provide you with an effective way to comprehensively protect your schools data. 

Eliminate Downtime

Reduce Costs

DfE Compliant

Fully Protected

School Data, Fully Protected

Our encrypted Cloud back up solution is the gold standard for protecting your sensitive data. AIT set everything up for you, and provide a fully managed service that’s reliable, robust and comprehensive. Our procedures adhere fully to ISO27001 compliance, ensuring that data is sorted safely and securely across co-location. We offer back up services that are Capita approved for your SIMS and FMS data. Fully secure, fully encrypted and hosted at our UK data centres. 

Disaster Recovery

You may well never have a disaster which destroys your data onsite. But if it were to happen, you’d want to know that your most valuable data is safe. Our Disaster Recovery planning ensures that your school and MAT polices are both up to date and effective. We provide you with a Disaster Recovery Solution that easily evidences compliance such as GDPR, with policy driven automation and enhanced reporting, giving you complete overview of your data management. 

Automatic Backups, Carefully Monitored

Our backups happen automatically which means they won’t slow down your internet connection, consume bandwidth or impact the school day. Cloud storage is monitored 24/7/365 proactively at our central NOC via our expert team and monitoring software. This keeps everything running as it should, and any pre-emptive steps taken immediately should it ever be needed. The fact we are recommended by East Midlands Cyber Police is a testimony to our processes!


Stay Secure 

With infinite scalability, our Managed Backup Solutions can be speedily deployed to ensure your site is fully DfE compliant. As a Trusted provider to Schools, Academies and MATs across the UK, AIT have been securely protecting schools sensitive and critical data for over 20 years. All data is stored safely in our UK based Data Centres, with ISO27001 compliance and ICO certification. Our provision doesn’t stop there though, it’s underpinned with fantastic support, training, advice and guidance. So you’re always secure and protected. 


Get in touch 

We understand the unique needs and challenges that are faced by schools, and we are all about finding a solution that works for you. Get in touch with our friendly team to have a chat about how we can support you on your digital journey. 

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