Multi Academy Trusts

Transform your IT networks across your Schools with The AIT Cloud. We provide bespoke IT Solutions to Multi Academy Trust’s which enable cost effective IT that seamlessly links between sites allowing reduced costs as well as collaborative, shared resources. 


Strategy, Support, Solutions

We believe that IT Support should go beyond the traditional model of IT Support. Our team will work with your Multi Academy Trust to gain a holistic overview of all aspects of IT within your Trust; infrastructure, network, devices, connectivity and long-term strategic direction. AIT will work with your Trust and Schools to develop a long term IT Strategic Direction that encompasses all aspects of IT across your MAT, ensuring that you’re well-equipped to deal with the ever evolving IT landscape. 


We know Multi Academy Trusts 

We’ve worked with MATS across the UK to deliver expert solutions which fulfil their requirements and make sure our services are always improving and excelling. For us, it’s about creating a long-lasting relationship across the Trust that filters through to all your schools so we can create a harmonious partnership as your chosen IT provider. 

Our team have extensive experience in delivering complex solutions to drive IT to the next level, and will be with you and your team every step of the way. AIT design service contracts around the individual needs of both the Trust and School to ensure that there is continued improvement, and lead the way in providing you with future-proofed solutions. 

Solutions for your Multi Academy Trust 

Cloud Solutions

With wholly owned data centres, we can offer a variety of solutions for your Multi Academy Trust to help make learning more collaborative and efficient. We understand that each Trust is unique, and will require a custom service solution which has been configured to meet the needs of your schools. With bespoke architecture designs, we can provide you with ongoing advice, support and strategic planning. 

IT Strategy

Regular review meetings and audits make sure that your networks and service stay on track, but it’s important that we look beyond the day to day management and work together to create long-term IT strategies for your Trust; from the current school estate to new onboarding schools. Your dedicated account manager will support your central Trust team in developing and implementing long-term development roadmaps that position your Trust as a forward-thinking innovative organisation with clear IT direction. 

A Unified Approach

Thanks to having dedicated internal departments within AIT, we can offer Multi Academy Trusts a truly unified approach to all aspects of IT. From custom designed WAN Infrastructure to integrated multi-site Access Controls, we can develop leading solutions that unify your schools to a fully collaborative solution. With leading partnerships from Microsoft to Paxton, AIT have development a unique network of experts who can implement exciting, cost-effective solutions for your estate. 

Onsite & Remote Support

We have an amazing support team at AIT who are on-hand to support your Trust with onsite or remote support as required. Whether that’s weekly scheduled visits for your schools, or a more flexible approach, we’ve gained an agile and dedicated approach as a provider. Our in-house team of technicians can support your staff, and our pro-active support teams solve many IT technical issues before you’re even aware of them. We run a suite of daily checks to ensure your IT is ready for you to hit the ground running, so we keep it in tip-top shape! 

Safeguarding & Filtering

The internet is a fantastic tool for students to collaborate, learn and share, and they should be able to explore online safely and securely. AIT have an in-house safeguarding officer who works closely with Smoothwall to ensure that we are always pioneering leading filtering and monitoring solutions for our Trusts and Schools. All our team are extensively trained on Keeping Children Safe in Education, and we encompass this into our solutions. Our monitoring tools come with live safeguarding alerts, including telephone calls direct to nominated contacts and immediate notifications. 

Cyber Security

Cyber Security at AIT goes beyond the typical monitoring, backups and disaster recovery solutions. With all the uncertainty and vulnerability surrounding data protection online, there is a need for a service that can empower schools, with the knowledge that they’re safe from cyber threats, and are capable of handling these threats when they present themselves. We believe in educating all users on how to spot malicious attack attempts, and provide expert training for all our clients. From penetration testing to phishing simulations, we stress test your networks, and ensure data is kept safe, compliant and most of all – secure. 


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