CTTV and Access Control 

Seamlessly secure your sites that give your sites comprehensive protection via our CCTV and Door Access Control Systems. As a Paxton Gold Partner, alongside other leading UK Manufacturers, AIT can provide full service, installations and ongoing maintenance of your CCTV and Access Control systems across the East Midlands and UK Wide. 


Creating safe spaces to learn & thrive 

Go beyond just securing a site. Our systems provide simple, user friendly solutions that offer benefits beyond just ‘securing doors and gates’. Decrease your administration and utility costs  with automated reporting and integrated building management functionality. Custom reports can be built with ease about user events, or for individual or groups of doors, along with remote alerts when you’re ‘on the go’. Thanks to Anti-Passback features you can prevent students or unauthorised users from sharing tokens. With our integration platform and central management dashboard, your premises teams and designated users can have full visibility across multiple devices which ensure secure encrypted playback. You can continue to push the boundaries and link your access control systems to your MIS system for a greater added depth of security. 

Complete Overall Protection

Easy Integration

Centralised Management

Free Onsite Survey

Free Site Survey

Sometimes it’s good to get a new perspective and with our free onsite survey you can benefit from our expert team to help you understand a solution that would work for your school or Trust. We offer all schools and Trusts a free onsite survey with no obligation. Our projects team will walk through your site and help you find a solution that meets your current needs whilst future proofing for any issues down the line. 

OFSTED Compliant

With OFSTED turning the screw on security, it’s really important that you have a system that meets DfE compliance but also keeps to your budget and all of your requirements. Our experience team can help support your school to give you immediate and long-term results, supporting you every step of the way.

Full Aftercare Service

Our service goes beyond just the installation and implementation of any CCTV or Access Control services we provide you with. Instead, we continue the relationship to support your new systems beyond the installation phase, providing you with full maintenance, support and warranty assistance. 


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We understand the unique needs and challenges that are faced by schools, and we are all about finding a solution that works for you. Get in touch with our friendly team to have a chat about how we can support you on your digital journey.

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