Compromise Alerts & Phishing Training 

With all the uncertainty and vulnerability surrounding data protection online, there is a need for a service that can empower schools, with the knowledge that they’re safe from cyber threats, and are capable of handling these threats when they present themselves.


Empower your users 

Unfortunately, cyber criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated, and even the most robust systems can sometimes become vulnerable thanks to new cyber attack ransomware and phishing attacks. We are here to help your school, staff and teachers navigate the ever evolving cyber landscape; helping educate users on risk and train to prevent such vulnerabilities becoming exploited. Compromise alerts and phishing training can help reduce the risk of cybercriminals taking advantage of your school. With AIT onboard, our supporting team will help your executives develop, manage and audit your school or MATs cyber securing response plans so that not only are you compliant, but users can feel empowered. 

Dedicated Training Resources

Password Monitoring

Tailored User Support

Phishing Simulation

AIT have developed a sophisticated phishing simulator which is designed specifically for education. Our software carefully mimics phishing attacks with emails being sent across sites, departments or school wide. We will work with you to tailor a phishing simulation that can be branded towards a trusted contact within your education sector. With a live platform monitor, your team will be able to view live results and thanks to follow up reporting and supportive coaching – staff can develop skills to identify suspicious risks before they become a threat. 

Compromise Alerts

Personal information, such as date-of-birth, first names, last names, postcodes and home addresses can all be compromised and sometimes also be found online. Through our comprehensive monitoring package we can identify stolen credentials and other personally identifiable information, to find any instances where your email address, passwords and other data have been mentioned. We can then inform you of what has been compromised, help you to protect your accounts and advise you on how to prevent these occurrences in the future.

User Training

Our supportive coaching and in-depth training not only educates users, but it’s also really fun (or so we’ve been told!) We’ve partnered with East Midlands Cyber Resilience Centre and developed an engaging program of cyber training to build off the results from phishing simulations. Your team will be fully empowered to recognise potential threats that they can deal with in confidence. Our training is backed up with fantastic support from your AIT Account Manager who will support your executive team in ensuring your cyber polices are up to date, and compliant. 


Together we are stronger

We know that the world of cybercrime can sometimes feel overwhelming, that’s why our carefully tailored compromise alerts and phishing training solutions target staff development and training to ensure users can really feel empowered when navigating the online world. Our team are here to support you through your digital transformation and online journey. 


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