VoIP for Schools

Our phone services are designed especially with Schools in mind to save you money, and a system that goes well beyond the capabilities of a traditional phone system. Our school phone systems have unparalleled features, control and call management. 


No Gimmicks, No Catches 

Our VoIP packages are designed to deliver everything a School or MAT requires, helping you stay connected in a safe and design way with student safeguarding at the heart of everything we do. With BT announcing from 2025 all copper phone lines will be switched off, now is the perfect time to ensure your school is ready for the future. From just £17.99 a month we cut the jargon out of costly phone systems for schools and offer a fully managed service with all the technology and features you need to get you started.

Reduced Call Costs

Easy Management and Control

Free UK Call Bundles

Simple Configuration

Secure Internet Connections

Meet DfE standards for less whilst future proofing your connection to handle the ever increasing demands of modern education. Thanks to our premium partnerships with carriers, AIT can offer direct pricing that’s a completion solution underpinned by our comprehensive support teams. From Dedicated Leased Lines, SuperFast Fibre FTTC to FTTP Ultrafast Fibre, AIT will work with you to find a connection that complies with DfE specifications as well as meeting the needs of your site. Delivering speeds from 100Mpbs to 10Gpbs with failover lines so you’re always connected. 

A Network Right for you

If you’re part of a MAT, and looking for a solution that can scale and flex as you adapt and grow, our high-speed Wide Area Networks will give you the visibility of all network activity, firewall and web filtering policies in one place. Thanks to our leading cutting edge infrastructure, your MAT will benefit from carrier grade technologies that will ensure your system is secure and robust. Our security combines firewalls, intrusion prevention , antivirus and application control giving you real time updates to protect against the latest and most persistent threats. 

Filtering, Monitoring & Safeguarding

We pride ourselves on providing our schools and MATs with industry leading Filtering, Monitoring and Safeguarding solutions, ensuring the most advanced protection and monitoring available to your school. As an AIT client, you’ll not only benefit from filtering solutions to support your school’s Prevent Duty compliance, but you’ll also receive our praised KCSIE 23 Training on Filtering & Monitoring, tailored to both DSLs and your school team. Our monitoring solutions come with a whole host of options to enhance pastoral care, using AI technology combined with human review team. 


Save money & improve efficiency 

Our telephony solutions come with a whole host of features that are designed to make things more efficient, giving you a system that can scale and flex as your School or MATs requirements change. We’ve created easy formatted fixed call packages from just £17.99 a month that allow unlimited inbound and outbound UK calls allowing your school to take full control of communication costs. With protected bandwidth, staff and students can be assured of great call quality regardless of how many lines are in use. 


Get in touch 

We understand the unique needs and challenges that are faced by schools, and we are all about finding a solution that works for you. Get in touch with our friendly team to have a chat about how we can support you on your digital journey. 

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