Independent Schools IT Services 

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We believe in the power of technology to enhance and inspire the way in which the curriculum is delivered. IT has the ability to transform schools from not only a learning perspective but also productivity, collaboration and the freedom to engage and innovate.


Propel your IT provisions with Advanced IT Services 

AIT go beyond the traditional offerings of a standard Managed Service Provider. We are innovative, supporting and always seeking to deploy the latest cutting edge technology which will transform the schools we work with. We pride ourselves on driving to be better, and supporting our schools to harness the power of technology. 

Strategic IT Direction

Customised Infrastructure

Tailored Approach

Secure Solutions

Cloud Solutions for Independent Schools

At AIT we offer a variety of Education Cloud Services to help make learning collaborative and efficient. From Microsoft 365 to Google G-Suite for Education, the Cloud has endless benefits for schools. Our specialist trained team can assist your team in exploring a solution that is right for your school. 

Onsite Support

Whether you are looking for full-time onsite support engineers or an ad-hoc solution, our nationwide coverage helps your IT system go further. All our team are fully qualified and DBS checked, and can ensure your IT system is kept in tip top shape. 

Outsourced IT Directors & Network Managers

Being your outsourced Director of IT is not just about supporting and maintaining the IT you have; it’s about where your schools wants to get to and how our knowledge and experience can help you reach your goals. We’ll help you with forward planning and recommendations to help you develop and maintain cost effective IT systems to help you run your school and drive you to the next level.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Unlike self-service remote backup and storage, we provide a fully managed service that takes care of everything for you when it comes to data security. At AIT, we configure, install and monitor it for you. As a Redstor partner, AIT offers a data & recovery service as well as full disaster recovery with instant data.

Secure Education Broadband

Many independent schools use business grade broadband without the specific requirements needed for pupil safe connectivity. Our packages include all the necessary security features required to run a safe school environment. By bundling all the security features together along side your broadband in one simple package, our clients are often surprised at the substantial improvement in connection and reduction in cost we can offer schools.

Remote Support

Even simple printer problems and software updates can push your day off track. That’s why we run a suite of daily checks to ensure your IT is ready for you to hit the ground running. Our pro-active ICT support teams solve many IT technical issues before you’re even aware of them. And that’s the real benefit of the way we do things at AIT.


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