Microsoft 365 & Google G-Suite Backup

Data located in the Cloud can still be lost if it is not backed up securely. AIT provide Schools & MATs with Cloud to Cloud back up solutions to allow your school to share and store data more safely. 


Instant Cloud Recovery

Losing data can be extremely damaging for Pupils, Teachers of Staff, and whilst Google and Microsoft hold responsibility in certain cases; the users are responsible for their own data and their own actions when using the applications. AIT can help you understand what your responsibilities are when handling data in Microsoft 365 and Google G Suite for Education. Our Cloud back up adds an extra layer of security to your schools accounts, giving you complete peace of mind knowing that your data is safe. 

Encrypted Data Backup

100% Secure

Careful Monitoring

Microsoft 365 Backup

All Microsoft 365 Applications are backup via our Cloud-to-Cloud solution such as Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams. That means if a user accidently deletes a file, or you need a specific file version, you’ll be able to restore it. AIT offer free backups for Student Accounts! Our solution is design specifically with education in mind and complies with GDPR and DfE regulations, ensuring you keep control of your data and recover from any data loss quickly with flexible options. 

G-Suite Backup

All Google for Education G-Suite Applications and Data are remotely backed up via our Cloud to Cloud solution, meaning that if a user accidently deletes a file, or you need a a file restoring from a specific point in time – our solution can give you complete data management. You can be up and running instantly at the click of a button. With inbuilt ransomware protection and fully GDPR compliant, AITs solution gives your school complete peace of mind. 

Quick Restore

With Third-Party secure backups now required by the DfE IT and Technology Standards in Schools, our solution can make sure your school is compliant quickly and efficiently. With all student accounts benefitting from free licencing, AIT can offer your school or MAT an effective solution that’s user friendly, robust and more importantly, reliable. Thanks to our UK based central support team, you backup solution benefits from our ongoing expert support. 


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