DfE Connect The Classroom 

The DfE’s Connect The Classroom Scheme has returned until 2025. We have worked with Schools and Trusts across the UK to secure over £3m of funding from the DfE thanks to our specialist team. We can help your school, and it costs nothing to apply! 


What is Connect The Classroom? 

Connect the Classroom is a scheme funded by the DfE to provide eligible schools across the UK with a seamless and future-proof wireless networking solution. This initiative will transform your school’s current IT and network infrastructure, improving connectivity and coverage across your premises with Access Points and Fibre Cabling to meet the demands of your school.

If you’re reading this, it may be because your school is located within one of the eligible areas, in fact you might have already received an invitation from the DfE to apply. In order to get access to the funding. you’ll need to submit a compliant bid to the DfE, which is something our team can help you with, and guide you through the process. We have a dedicated team to securing funding via the Connect the Classroom Scheme, and what’s great is that the process costs you and your school nothing! It’s time to connect your classroom with AIT!

Upgrade to WiFi 6

Transform your infrastructure

Nothing to repay!

Futureproof your School

Is our school eligible?

If you’ve already received an invitation from the DfE to apply for funding, we can help guide you through the process. If you have yet to receive an invitation, our team can contact the DfE and verify your eligibility on your behalf, this is completely free. Once you have your invite, we’ll come out to your school to meet you in person and conduct a site survey of your requirements and needs. The is no charge for your network assessment or site visits. We will then provide you with a proposal, designed specifically to DfE specifications which you can review with your DfE advisor. Having worked with schools across the East Midlands on Connect the Classroom, we understand the best ways to maximise your funding, and ensure your networks are comprehensively future proofed.

Why partner with AIT?

We’ve worked with Trusts and Schools across the UK during the Connect The Classroom waves to help the apply and benefit from funding. In fact, we’ve secured some of the largest funding amounts within the programme and delivered truly transformational works across sites. We are proud to have supports schools on this journey with our fully transparent advice and expert team. Our dedicated installation team means that we can complete works with minimal disruption to your school, so you can benefit from the the network improvements quicker! 

How does the process work?

The DfE send out to eligible schools. We will work with you to complete a list of the current network, and conduct an onsite network assessment. This will be sent to you prior to submission and then onto the DfE for review. The DfE will send approved areas for funding, and we will the complete a quote for new network connections.Week one installation focuses on the passive infrastructure (all cabling aspects) with no scheduled downtime. Week two is the move to the new system with scheduled downtime to suit the school.Onsite testing in line with DfE specifications, and handover completed with your onsite IT support team. Funding is released and the project completed!


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