Cloud and Data Storage + Tech Support (From £4000)

What's Included

•  Schedules Site Visits (x39)
•  Unlimited Phone and Remote Support
Office 365 and Email Management
Senior Meetings
Remote Hosting
Remote Access Solution
Network-Attached Storage


Now in this bespoke package, the difference between this and the first package is that this one includes our highly skilled tech support.  

By opting for this package, you will receive one of our experienced technicians to visit once per week on an agreed day. The technician will smooth out any issues or queries you may have and allows us to give you a personalised support solution as they will adhere to your every need. 

Unlimited phone and remote support which comprises of eight well-versed individuals ranging from 2nd to 3rd line ready to resolve every IT problem you may encounter. With this, we at AIT will ensure the staff member can rest easy knowing that a technician is always on the other end willing to help in any way they can. 

We also manage your emails and Office 365 which will give you a breath of fresh air because AIT handles everything from account management all the way to security and filtering. This enables you to be more in control over how your emails are managed. Send and receive restrictions allow size restrictions over attachments in our encrypted network. 

Finally, regular senior meetings will be held to discuss ongoing requirements, which would normally include a member from AIT Senior Team, the Head Teacher, ICT Leads and Business Managers. These meetings are a channel for your voice as well as to ensure that we exceed your requirements and expectations in order to help get the best out of yourselves and your equipment. All whilst allowing you to feedback your requirements, your visions around ICT provisions and any ongoing projects.

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