Table of Contents

Submitting a Helpdesk Ticket

How to submit a Helpdesk Ticket

You can submit a helpdesk ticket in a number of ways; telephone, email or via our helpdesk portal

Logging a ticket via email

You can log a support ticket by emailing Please try to include as much information as possible including: 

  1. Device Name (e.g. STAFF-LAP-10)
  2. Screenshots of the error 
  3. Contact details if you prefer a follow up phone call

Logging a ticket via our Helpdesk Portal

You can log into our helpdesk using your registered credentials. When you log in to our helpdesk you will be able to view your open and closed tickets along with your ticket history. To reopen an archived ticket, replying to the ticket will reopen it. 

Logging a ticket via our Support Desk 

You log a ticket via telephone Monday – Friday 7:30am – 6pm, or access immediate AIT Technician Support. Please ensure you have the device available if we are required to remotely login. Call 0115 9170 197.